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and i almost got a job??? bBABYSITTING OF ALL THINGS???

it was 3 hours, once a week, 8-10$ and hr and that would’ve been st 

except the day it was on every week was my busiest day i didn’t have time for this baby girl 

i spent so much money on home shit for the apartment that the textbook(s) cost from yesterdays classes alone hit me in the face n this time knocked me out cold 

Why do I like ruining ppl in au-dom why do I enjoy this


I had a dream where I was sitting at a dining room table w hyunsik changsub? And some other peeps and my mother and I think I was also dating hyunsik bc a lot of handholding n toucihing n other shit why the fuCK DID I WAKE UP


How come tdoog rapper line slay so hard when it’s a murderous 12 year old, miss universe 2k15, a cute old man w/ a literature collection n one real ass rapper w credentials like??



The five members, after the nerve-racking first performance!

This is a photo of the five members after their very first show. Leader SEUNG YOON looks especially hyper!

Heart-warming letters from the fans to congratulate them on their first TV performance!

WINNER remembered to take all the heart-warming letters written by the fans after their performance. The kind messages were delivered to the members safely!

TAE HYUN shows off a ring he received from fans!

Here is a photo of the ring. He shows a happy V, telling us he received it from his fans. Can you tell how much he cares about it?

Here are some bonus photos! Why don’t you have a look and enjoy the five different colors of WINNER?

WINNER’s debut was simply incredible, and enough to repay the much-awaited fans. Aren’t you excited to see where these five members will go from here? Try the double title tracks “EMPTY” and “COLOR RING”! They’ve got so much to show you, so stay tuned everyone!

Source: NAVER

Translated by: YG LIFE

BTOB Ilhoon was nominated by Dal Shabet Subin and BTOB Minhyuk was nominated by 4Minute Nam Jihyun to do the ALS Ice Bucket ChallengeIlhoon nominated C-Clown Kangjun, B.A.P Zelo and APink Namjoo. Meanwhile, Minhyuk nominated B.A.P Youngjae, their stylist and BTOB Changsub


[MV] Lip Service - Too Fancy

Lip Service members